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National Science And Technology Museum
National Science And Technology Museum
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The Collections and Research Division is responsible for collection, research, preservation, conservation and exchange of scientific technical heritages.

Objects related to printing industry

Weights and Measures¡G
Measuring instruments and other related objects

Electronical topics, computing information technology and communication related objects


Objects related to Mechanical Engineering

Optical Science¡G
Photographs and optical equipments
Textile Industry¡G
Textiles and machines related to textile industry
Exceptions of above mentioned fields

*The System of Collection Management

1. Collection Policy and Collection Operations Standards¡G

¡@¡@The collection system of NSTM was based on its Collection Policy and Collection Operations Standards. Till the end of 2004, ten Operations Standards have been established, they were¡Gthe Establishment of Collection Advisory Committee, Outlines for the Organization of Acquisition Evaluation Committee, Procedures for Acquisition, Procedures for Disposal, Operations Standards for Collections Registration, Operations Standards for Temporary Management of Artifacts, Operations Standards for Collection Use, Operations Standards for Borrowing and Loaning Collections, Operations Standards for the Management of Personnel and Artifacts In and Out of the Storages and Operations Standards for Emergency Handling of Collections in Storages.

2. Collection Advisory Committee¡G

There are 10-14 collection advisors for consultation of the annual collections plan, donated and purchased collections and collection related affairs.

3. The museum researchers are responsible for the acquisition of collections, while the Collections and Research Division takes charge of the management of collections.

*Preservation and Conservation

1. Storage: The storage room is located in the basement of South Complex of NSTM. In order to provide an environment with suitable temperature and humidity to better preserve the artifacts, NSTM is now in the process of establishing a new storage room in the Exhibition Building of NSTM.
2. Conservation Operations: There is a maintenance conservation room located within the storage room of South Complex which is used for better conserving scientific and cultural artifacts.



*Academic Activities Events

¡@¡@The museum regularly holds conferences, seminars, workshops, lectures and roundtable meetings of the topics related to the issues of collections management, artifacts conservation and cultural heritages¡Ketc.


*Research Projects

¡@¡@Researchers in NSTM have worked on their own researches and published their researched results. They also apply for research projects fundings which offered by the National Science Council, Cultural Affairs Council and other institutions. The NSTM also cooperates with academic communities for contract-out research projects.


*International Cooperation

Currently, the NSTM cooperates with the British Council and International Council of Museums (ICOM).

The NSTM became a member of ICOM in 1997 and participated in the annual meetings in 1998, 2001 and 2004.