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Educational activities are essential for the NSTM to fulfill its educational missions and communicate with the public. A well-planned educational program provides the NSTM with the best opportunity to present its collection, research and exhibitions.

All educational activities of the museum aim to enhance people¡¦s understanding of science and technology. Hence, our educational program covers all technology, from modern technology to ancient technology, from traditional technology to state-of-art technology. When old newspapers are used to make an unusual Christmas tree; when recycled bottles are used to build a rocket that can fly into the sky; when people can have the opportunity to experience the convenience of the Internet or make their own TV program; they are all technology educational program.

Technology can cover numerous topics and ideas; thus, it is very important to select and design the theme and content of the educational activities. With limited resources, the NSTM has developed different curriculum related to the exhibitions of the museum and we tried to meet the demands of different visitors. Therefore, educational program of different depth and broadness of scope have been designed for senior citizens, adults, teenagers, young students and children. Through diversified educational programs, the NSTM has attracted all kinds of visitors to participate in these activities. With the current facilities and resources of the museum, we can divide our educational activities into the following seven types:

Photo:Major Events
Major Events
These activities are usually held to celebrate festivals or new exhibitions of technology in the museum. We tried to involve as many visitors as possible at one time; hence, most of these events are demonstrations, competitions or games.
Photo:Hands-on Activities
Hands-on Activities
Hands-on activities are offered to support exhibitions in the exhibition hall or various laboratories. Through these activities, visitors can have a hands-on experience when they visit the museum. It is our aim to help participants grasp the idea of science or technology by conducting experiments or making a simple object.
Photo:Summer/Winter Camp

Summer/Winter Camp
These camps give students a chance to learn by doing and experimenting during the summer or winter vacation. Science, art, technology and humanity are among the beloved curriculum in the summer/winter camp.


The museum also designed popular science activities for the general public. A series of technical issues are proposed and then the museum will invite experts or scholars to give lectures. Apart from science and technology, lectures related to humanity and culture, including history of technological development and local culture are also available.

Photo:Tour Outside

Tour Outside
Apart from exhibitions inside the museum and equipment in the laboratory, the museum also offers interesting tours outside the museum which make learning more interesting and more relevant to the natural environment around us.

Photo:Combined Activities

Combined Activities
In addition to the afore-mentioned activities, the NSTM will also combine two to three activities together to create a series of interesting activities. For instance, lectures may be combined with hands-on activities or even guided tour inside the exhibition hall.

Education programs of the museum are different from instructional activities in schools. As there is no formal evaluation, it is not so easy to see the outcome of our education programs. However, museum education should be considered a long-term service. Through various activities, we hope to educate the general public about science and technology. It is our aim to improve the content of our educational activities, to attract more people to participate in these activities and fulfill our missions to promote technical education.