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* Partnership for the Industrial Historical Exhibition in Taiwan

Seeking partnership with outside resources has been an important trend that every museum is facing in the twentieth-first century. A temporary exhibition called “Ch@t on Line: Telecom History in Taiwan” is newly opened in National Science and Technology Museum in Taiwan. In collaboration with the major telecommunications company in Taiwan “Chunghwa Telecom”, this exhibition is a successful model for the museum to collaborate with the enterprise to show the industrial development history. 
This partnership is collaborated in different aspects, such as objects acquisition, oral history from interviewing with retired Chunghwa Telecom staffs, and partial financial support for the making of exhibition as well as the following exhibition renewal. There are 834 items of objects that are acquired from Chunghwa Telecom, such as the old magneto telephones, one of them is more than a century old, and the old switchboards which were used in the era of manual operators. The video of oral history is displaying in the exhibition also, and the visitors could select what interests them to watch. 
In the exhibition, we can see not only the advances of telephony and telegraphy technology, but also the social and economic context in Taiwan. For instance, in the mid-1950s in Taipei, demand for telephone lines was exceeded supply, which leads to scalping and reselling in phones cost more than gold. In addition to the historical aspects, the exhibition also presents the cutting-edge technology, such as 3G cellular phone and the application of wireless technology. 
If you are interested to learn more about the telecommunication industrial exhibition, please check our website:  
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