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National Science And Technology Museum
National Science And Technology Museum
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Grand Opening of IMAX® 3D Theater

Starting from January 1st, 2004, the theater of the NSTM will use the name ¡§IMAX® 3D Theater¡¨

IMAX® 3D Theater is located in the round hall. You will find the entrance, projection room and exit on the ground level. Walking down the ramp from the entrance hall, you will see the theater located 10 meters under the ground. The theater is a fan-shape hall which is 26 meters wide and 19 meters height. Featuring the six-story flat screen, the theater contains 320 seats distributed in 10 different levels with the one on the top reserved for wheelchair users.

The IMAX® 3D Theater of the NSTM uses IMAX® 3D cinema system invented by IMAX® 3D Company. This system is considered the best cinema system in the world and has won the Scientific and Technical Academy Award of Merit. With the state-of-art cinematic and sonic technology, the IMAX® 3D Theater is the only one in Taiwan that can play IMAX 2D films and IMAX 3D films. The IMAX experience is certainly the most unforgettable and amazing experience for the audience.


The Biggest Negative

The theater uses IMAX 15-perf 70mm negative, which is three times the size of original 70mm negative and 10 times the size of 35mm negative.
* The Biggest Screen
  The theater uses six-story flat screen, which is 17.2 meter height.
* The Clearest Image
With the biggest negative in the history of cinema, the big screen and the projection equipment of the highest precision, we give the audience vivid and clear images.
* The Best Six-track Stereo
The theater has a patented 6-channel, 18000 watt digital surround sound system to give the audience the best sonic entertainment.
* New Equipment : Trailers on TV
Two TV sets are installed at the entrance of the theater to show trailers of ¡§now playing¡¨ films and ¡§coming soon¡¨ films.
* New Showtime
Films will be shown every hour from 9:00 to 16:00. Eight shows will be played on holidays.
Starting from January 1st, 2004, films will be played every hour from 9:00 to 16:00. For details, please check the ticket price table and showtime or consult the booking clerk.
* New ticket price
100 NT for IMAX 2D movie; 150 NT for IMAX 3D movie
20% off for the first show on holidays.
Starting from January 1st, 2004, the theater will use the new ticket price. For details and discounts, please check the ticket price table or consult the booking clerk.
* New Rule of Admission and Family Day on the Holidays
Starting from January 1st, 2004, visitors can still buy the tickets and enter the cinema even if the film has started. The 8th session on holidays is open for children under 90cm. For details, please read the notes on the ticket table or contact the museum.