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National Science And Technology Museum
National Science And Technology Museum
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* Preface
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* The Establishment of the Museum
In 1979, the Executive Yuan announced The Twelve Construction Projects in which construction of new museums was listed as one of the central cultural facilities.
In March of 1984, the Executive Yuan approved the formation of the Construction Preparatory Team for the National Science and Technology Museum. In August the team visited museums in Europe, Japan and America to adopt experiences for building a science museum in Kaohsiung.
In July of 1986, the Planning Council for the National Science and Technology Museum was set up to oversee the planning of museum construction.
In 1987, TMA Architects and Associates was selected to design and supervise the construction work.
  * In November of 1988, the Executive Yuan approved the construction plan.
  * In October of 1989, the structural construction of museum's main building was started.
By 1992, the engineering construction for air regulation, utility facilities, building furnishing (Phase l ), elevators, computer facilities , building furnishing (Phase ll ), education center, landscape and exhibitions had been started. The construction took 7 years.
  * On July 26, 1997 the technology education Center was opened.
  * On September 21, 1997 the museum park was opened.
  * On November 9, 1997 10 permanent exhibition halls were opened to the public.
  * On November 8, 1998 all exhibition halls were opened to the public.
  * In 2004, the Technology Education Center renames the South Complex.
* Motive
Photo:National Science And Technology MuseumWith the hardworking of all the people, ROC has become an economically powerful nation in the world from an underdeveloped country in several decades, allowing us to live in affluence and plenty that has never happened in the Chinese history.
However, seeking material development is just one of the many tasks in the entire process. Besides, excessive pursuance of material development will also limit the objective goals of the country.
* Significance

Photo:National Science And Technology MuseumKaohsiung Metropolitan is an industrial center of large-scale heavy industries such as China steel, China Marine, Taiwan Machinery, China Chemicals, oil refinery and power plant. The museum shows the theory and application of technology that fit the local industry needs. Other than reciprocate each other. Culture and educational spirit may also be penetrated into the industrialized communities.

* Architecture
Photo:National Science And Technology MuseumDesign with high span. And high capacity in order to be used for hundred years, the building itself was completed in one time. The building is a display artifact showing the connotation of the NSTM.
It adopted intelligent information equipment for scientific management and for the demonstration effect. The ice-storage air-conditioning system disperses the peak power consumption hours by making the ice at night and saving it for the day.