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Public Sculpture
Public Sculpture
National Science And Technology Museum
National Science And Technology Museum
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Public sculptures can be museum landmarks. They not only beautify the surroundings but also bring artistic elements to our museum. The sculptures collected by our museum are:
Photo:The Star in the Universe
The Star in the Universe
This sculpture adopts a rainbow-like arch for its structural frame. The arch is made of steel plates and titaniumized steel alloys that are 22 meters high and 29 meters width. The planet Earth is hanging in the center of the arch. Orbiting the earth is a model of the artificial satellite, "Formosa No. 1" It symbolizes the union of humanity and science.
Photo:Arrow-like Wall
Arrow-like Wall
The "Arrow-like Wall" was carved out of marble.
It adds an aesthetic visual effect to the museum environment.
Photo:Sculpture of Blossoming

Sculpture of Blossoming
This sculpture is made of stainless steel.
It embraces sunshine with its two upraised hands.
Under the blue sky its glittering structure vibrantly presents the strength of life.

Photo:Armillary Sphere

Armillary Sphere
The Armillary Sphere is a replica of an ancient Chinese instrument that was used for astronomical observation. The sphere comprises three rings, which demonstrate the important connection between science and human.

Photo:Window of Technology

Window of Technology
By using the human-like curves, "window of Technology" softened the hard shape of a traditional LED board. It combines the active lighting and sound effects to present a multi-function outdoor sculpture.

Photo:The Tower Of Hope

The Tower Of Hope
THE TOWER OF HOPE measuring 40 meters in height, is composed of 4 different media(color, sound, light & water) to express the idea of time.